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Our programme

Despite the high number of job seekers across Europe, many ICT job vacancies cannot be filled due to a mismatch between the candidate’s skill sets and the requirements of the industry.

Huawei is aiming to let young people benefit from the experience and support it can provide as a global ICT company.

Seeds for the Future, Huawei's global CSR programme, is a cornerstone of our effort to address the e-skills challenge.

How it works

The elite ICT talent programme selects gifted students for a study trip to China. Participants gain first-hand insights into the work of a multinational ICT company, receiving cross-cultural work experience as well as language training.

The programme offers:

  • first-hand work experience at Huawei's Chinese headquarters
  • Mandarin language courses
  • training on ICT technologies & solutions
  • a look at Chinese culture and historical landmarks

Over 1600 young Europeans have taken part since 2011

2000+ will have been trained by 2020

Huawei’s contribution to the European Pact for Youth

32 EU countries involved so far

96 participating countries and regions worldwide