Huawei European Student Challenge

Connecting the future

The contest

The competition, offering scholarships as prizes for the winners, challenges Europe’s best undergraduates to come up with brilliant new ideas during their ICT university courses.

In collaboration with universities, Huawei teaches students the relationship between knowledge and industry, providing them with opportunities to reflect on the future of digital transformation in relation to the skills they are busy acquiring.

How it works

The contest is organised by universities across European countries including Belgium, Finland, France, Italy, Sweden and the UK.

While the format varies from one country to another, it is always geared towards preparing students for an increasingly digitised and globalised job market, supporting targeted ICT training and challenging them to come up with innovative ideas.

Students sharpen their knowledge skills over many hours of dedicated lectures, coding assignments and lab tours in Europe and China. They are mentored by Huawei and local industry experts.


At least 10 universities are participating in the 2018 edition

In 2017, more than 3 000 students from 6 universities took part

Topics have included AI, 5G, VR apps & cyber security